Willie And Lillie Lyrics

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Willie and Lillie used to live on a hill
Wasn't for rock n' roll Lillie be there still
Rock her own little rock-a-billys
Made me lose a-my sweet, little, Lillie

Forty days, forty nights
Still no Lillie in sight
Up on the mountain like a jack
Hollin' an howlin' 'til Lillie, come back
Up on the mountain I was facin' the moon
Ev'ry little star tell me be Lillie, soon

Up on the mountain at the general store
Willie's mama bought him a hi-fi, his very own
On up the road, Willie strolled
Just about the time Lillie knocked on the do'
She said, 'Hello, Willy I love you so'
He said, 'Hello, Lillie why did you go? '
She said, 'A-hello, Willie I ain't gon' leave no mo'

He said, 'Hello, Lillie I love you, so'
'Hello, Willie, I love you, so'
He said, a-hello Lillie.

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