Where Did The Party Go Lyrics

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Na na na na na na na na na

I'm here to collect your hearts,
It's the only reason that I sing,
I don't believe a word you say,
But I can't stop listening,
This is the story of how they met,
The picture was on the back of a packet of cigarettes,
When she touched him he turned ruby red,
A story that they'll never forget, never forget.

And all the boys are smoking menthol,
Girls are getting back rubs,
I will get to you if you make this sound shake fast enough,
My old aches become new again,
My old friends become exs again.

Where did the party go?
We ended it on the floor,
I don't wanna go home alone,
Where did the party go?
Na na na na na woah

I know I expect to much,
And I'm in love all at once,
You know I only wanted fun and you got me all f*cked up,
I hope for your you name on the wiji board,
Your making magic,
Oh dear lord,
You and me are difference between real love and the love on TV


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