We Made It Ii Lyrics

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[Intro: Cno Evil]
Yeah, Rodentz, Li-Mouse, Cno Evil
White Plains, this is how we do it
Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, that's it
Aiyo, Mus Musculus

Ha-ha! Remember when Timbs and hoodies used to be okay?
Used to rock the doo-rag out the pocket all day
Rhyming in the, senior school court yard
Times wasn't easy, but yet, they wasn't so hard
Mr. Brodbeck, and D Boogie
Chicks weren't stuck up, they had the good-good goodies
It was okay to wear loose clothes and not be suspect
Now all they wanna do out here is get upset
Venture to some wack bar, I start bitching
I drink beer, I don't got time for the mixing
Pass me a Corona, even a damn Heine'
Doing a dance? Nah, you'll never found me
Here's one Mouse, if there's three, you can blind me
Short one of the bunch, but there's still apes behind me
Ha-ha! What up, White Plains? How we doing?
We won't stop, once we get moving
Get to grooving, you know Mouse keeps it soothing
We still winners, so you gonna keep losing

[Cno Evil]
It's bout time that we made it, we here to celebrate it
Live from Black Bear, don't you dare try to hate it
Aiyo, Matt Jones, just pick up your phone
And make sure to brings girls, don't you come alone
And the DJ tonight, your brother Danny, and that's family
And I just saw the girl from last week who can't stand me
Oh well, I don't care, I'm just loving White Plains
2 A.M. in the morning, playing those drunk games
Like trivia, it's Mr. Sinister, ripping the
Mic, while you singing karaoke, slipping the
Ice in your drink, don't think, just sipping the
Nice beer, no fear, all my boys in here
Coming in the party, it's the Mouse named Li
When he link with Cno E, the time is almost three
Meet the R, make you O-D, off that E
N-T-Z, born and raised in WP
After this, we going straight to the diner
Straight to the meal (I'm hungry) no time for appetizers
Four in the morning, order a plate of pancakes
A glass of OJ, would look great by my plate
Jukebox plays the new jam by The Rodentz
When you tired and drunk, you get all types of emotions
Going on a discussion about all types of shit
Politics, economic type topics, what the fuck?
I just wanna go to sleep, you boring me
I don't wanna hear about your beer pong stories
No time to be tagging me on Facebook
Now you passed out with an open mouth, that ain't a safe look

[Interlude: Cno Evil]
I know what you thinking right now
You're looking at us, and you're saying; "These kids?"
"These two kids, really?" Like "I remember them"
"What are they doing here?" Like, damn, it makes --
It makes you think about your life, right?
Like, like, shit, well you know, that's cuz

[Chorus: Cno Evil & Li-Mouse]
We made it, we made it (uh-huh, uh-huh)
We made it, we made it (hahaha)
We made it, we made it (yes we did)
We made it, we made it (haha)

[kung fu sample]
You are Shaolin man!
Me? Hahaha

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