Through Escape Lyrics

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This is nothing I'd compare to the state of when I'm in control
I see a blood-red angel, pinned to my bedrooms wall
Through hate the evil follows, spasms are only words
Burning, I clench my fingers now

Feel the pain, it's the only true escape
I have never found a reason to let you live

Hypnotic and fantastic it is to see you hanging there
Now I know that you can't move, so I can rest my head
I'll be alright
The evil follows, spasms are only words
I'll take my life

This is something I just had to do to make you only mine
A breathing puppet above my bed
You're the reason, for you I'll die

Ten milligrams, jumpstart the heart
This sucker just wont get away
Pale-skinned and dead figures fill my head
This isn't my bed
Far from hell, to where he belongs
He will become someones bitch
Begging for death, I pray
I can't live through what you said

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