The Murderer's Dance Lyrics

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It's all just going down
In places you won't ever see
We're on the second round
Of a fight lost already

Children sent and children gone through bullets shot and napalm blown
And so they fall and die all on their own

No winners, just losers
Dying innocence abusers
No winners, just losers
It must not go any further

Not even fully grown
They are asked to feed the machine
No parents to be know
Or no friends to be seen

Truth'd be told they'll never know just what it's like to be grown up
How many lives for the killing to stop?

It's a fact that everywhere around the world thousands of children
Are used as disposable meat in armed conflicts, half of them happening to be girls;
Those children whose toys were took off their hands and replaced by rifles;
They fall like flies on the battlefields and nobody even cares,
Cause this is the most cheap and abundant resource: children.

My dolly has a pin on it's side
Pulled away just like my youth that died
From the skies fall hate and lies
And a tear from my bloodshut eyes

This rain of children falls on war
As empty faces blow their chance
Falling victims add to the score
Joining everyone in the murderer's dance

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