Sway In The Morning Lyrics

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Tell em OK!
Tell em I got plenty hustle to sell em
Heat by the fleet, displaying it very seldom
Lead the right to ignite my
Close to the pin like I three felons
Come forma city where niggers show no remorse
And the corpse is just another homie taking this course.
Of course my dream was to play in the final four
Til the twelve grade came and I was only five four
So Now Im a graduate, looking to get higher
My pops knew a security job and he inquired
My ignorance is bliss, that was what I was told
I stop, drop the role when somebody else fired.
Now there goes another black boy unemployed with a lot of free time
Which means hes hungry of free crime
I loved it in my rhymes, and when I hit the porch, this is what I realize!

Ha, when I kick it, I kick it, as if the beat was my enemy
You had thought it was .. on point like a
I deliberately give em dead. that do what they do?
Paint a picture like doodling
Dont you shit, but do, do
And the city where get pointed
You hide, you can get if you want to
Or do karate moves
But the ..tiger just might be getting broken down by a writer
Yeah the passenger knocked out, but you got shot by the driver!
Theres a killer like everywhere, so why would you take it there?
Neighborhood terrorism, got the terrible, its people scared!
Thats why my intelligence tell me to
.. I tell you fuck you back with my index finger!

..up the
Coming straight from the CPT
You see me on this iPhone .
I love competition, its just my intuition
You looking at the .. the collector
Nobody can fuck with me on my
Black. We stay in your building
We stay spreading the mess, the women and children
Every gym it can hitch me
Shots for the mother fucking crooked shots upon us
Everybody know and everybody want us
Coming direction ..and take
What more can I fucking say?
I just warming up, and this is a free style
As a matter of fact, call me the golden child!

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