Sociology Lyrics

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[movie sample from "Scarface"]
"I told you a long time ago you fuckin little monkey
not to FUCK ME."
"Hey hey, who the FUCK you think you talkin to, huh??!"
"Who the fuck you think I am some fuckin bellboy?"
"You wanna go to war?.... I take you to war, OK?"

[Intro: Li-Mouse]
Taking you on another one
Uhh, Antonio Banderas
Making cream like that nigga

[Cno Evil]
Yo, first of all, son, meet Johnny Carson
All the others that be, barking, discussing wack lines inside the park
I'm the white rapper, just the master of disaster
The way I rhyme, super sonic speed, much faster
Exquisite, I bake the track and it's delicious
Up in the sky like Highwind, call me Cid 'vicious'
Hip hop world war, we ain't got any alliances
Don't dare to defiance this, ya'll best to compliance this
And this bullshit gossip, is just hear say
You try to flee, but you got sent back up to Norway
Learn lessons, ya'll MC's is all wack, using weapons
I'm trynna light the shit up like luminescence
While ya'll be trapped by raps, locked with rap groups
Music fucking up your brain cuz crack rules
Everything around me, wack, as you can hear
Inject my ear, with terribleness and causes tears
Then realize they sound bad, just a distraction
Cut off the fat, off the meat, like a subtraction

Lace them niggas son...
Li-Mouse black, fuck with me, seventy smacks
I'm all that, White Plains know my style's crack
Cno Ev', you know he gonna ride with Li
Front on me, I'm knocking out your whole family
But anyway, I'm lifting up my cup to my team
Move around town, with no mercy, yeah, that's mean
Fuck that fake shit, I'm still rocking Wu-Wear
Copping new wallabies, spot 'em on the mew year
Rainbow cats, get they 'lucky charms' snatched
Then we leave their head unattached
Truth fact, I told them already, we gon' stay hot
Like juice bars, ya'll bitches got no shot
Those who survive only know our sounds
The rest must of ran out of Phoenix Down
My brain is like Wikipedia, it's crazy
The way my rhymes keep on feeding ya
All this info, within a short amount of time
Lamping in Seneca, sipping on fresh red wine

[Outro: Li-Mouse]
Shout out to White Plains City
For all my Mark Ecko Red rocking niggas

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