Quest Of Avatar Lyrics

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When one is on a quest
Life seems worthwhile
Driven by force others cannot see
When one completes the quest
Life is fulfilled
Some will become what they were
Meant to be

One life, here on earth
One chance to do
All of the things that you need to do

Each man must realize
In his own way
You are the master of all you survey

Join us on the quest
Oh Avatar!
Join us on the quest

Everywhere you look these days
You can find them there
People living out there lives
As if they do not care
Can't they see it's wrong?
Don't they hear the song?


Sources, courses, forces a choice
Visions, religions, decisions to make
One life to live only one life to give only
One chance to save only one world I say to you


One life here on earth
One chance to be
All of the things that you need to be

If life seems too hard, Listen I say
Some will find love, truth and courage
Become all that matter in life to the Father, the Brother, the Son

Once I'm alive
I'll be set free
Once I'm alive
We'll be set free

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