Quarter Past Three Lyrics

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I see she ride you man, she lovin' the flavor
I think she flockin' with me, she wanna wake up in the morning
But a boy alive is the morning keep on blocking me
Afraid to dawn, ready after dawn, nobody stoping me,
What you expect? I'm on her, shit the respect that I get from the owner
She ask for a ?? for my cologne
Probably thinking bout who money I cologne em
I'm in here, sure catch me and you set these,
It's a different function, constructions they don't accept these
What up tonight, but TV Amazon in here,
We winnin' my music planting shawty over the ..
Before I cross the road, I know she see the diamonds in this cross man I resume
I'm Frederico, I'm a ?? switch her name
What's your sign? I seen em go get that wine, so I crap em from behind em.

I'm in the tune see her, jet wall I'm a zu keeper
I just want for the night, you could keep her,
I want harder get me brain, you could teach her
It's my aura, she know I can have ?? on her
She in the bathroom pop .. and I know that's a foreign let the .. again
And like a fest the .. that I could
She lookin' at me in stairs, getting' the tense
I walk behind that, she walked up stairs
Instead of glance, she said I'm like a dream .. Luther
Told em I got condoms in the condow with the best Luther
They know that ball bout bread match us California ..
Caught me with the bad friend,
I don't .. switch your name, what's your sign?
Seen em go get that wine, that's why I crap em from behind em

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