Pray For Rain Lyrics

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Feel the early morning light
On your face
We'll be all right
The wind whispers to the trees
"We'll be OK
If we believe"

In memories and in words
We'll find some hope
We'll find our way
With love we'll mend the past
We can't go back

But we can move forward
And forget all the pain
Lie next to me and pray for rain
To wash away
The violence that has ravaged our hope
I know we'll chase away the heartache

Somehow I know just what to say
I know how you feel
I've felt that way
Looking around it seems so pointless
But if we can just try
It won't be hopeless

In dreams and in words
We'll be much more
We'll move with grace
With peace we'll mend the past
We can't go back

Take my hand
I have so much love for you right now
The light hits your eyes
And I melt
Forgive our mistakes
And let's move on
You're exactly what I need

I know you need
I know you need us

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