Perfect World Lyrics

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Im missing you today,
Knowing your so far away.
Im missing you,
And I wish to be with you.

Im missing you tonight,
By you I pray to do right.
Im missing you,
And I want to kiss you.

Before I fall asleep tonight,
Knowing your the best thing of my life.
I look to the sky and count the stars,
Amd I wonder which one you are.
Oh I miss my girl,
Such a perfect world.

Im missing you right now,
And try to figure how.
To make sense of love,
Its you I see to heaven above.


Right now Im missing you,
I wish I was with you.
In your eyes I see the moon,
To see you its never to soon.

(Chorus 2x)

Oh my girl was the cost,
and such a perfect world I lost.
Oh I miss my girl,
I lost such a perfect world.
A perfect world,
Perfect World.

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