No More Lyrics

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I was never educated on guys like you
so I would of got an F if I was graded on that report that I did on you
Yeah I should of did my homework
Cuz I would of been so hurt
Couldnt pick a better teacher or better...

im not gonna cry no more,
never should of past my door
& I just hate guys like you
& I Just let you in my life,
But I made my last mistake this time
I'm not gone cry no more
No no no no I'm not gone cry no more

washed out tha tears on my pillow
all the masacra stains too
and I throw my sorrow out the window
becuz I wanted nuthin to do with it,
i was almost jadded
came with a price you wouldnt take it,
love almost had me doing somthing so foolish
but i wouldnt do it

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