Never Say Goodbye Lyrics

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[VERSE 1:] Never been in love Cause a girl like me Never had someone to care for Never thought there could be Someone special for me And now I'm all in love Cause a girl like me Waited patiently for someone Someone to care for me And there will never be [CHORUS:] No more lonely, no more just me I've been there before Ain't goin no more And now that you're here I Never wanna say goodbye love Never wanna be without you No more cryin, no denyin' I'm in love with you And now that you're here I I never wanna say goodbye love [VERSE 2:] Now it's time for me To find out what the first time love could mean Little scared but its cool Cause it's worth it Now I finally fell in love And I know that it Gots to be for real (So real) It's the way that I feel So come share my world with me So there will never be [CHORUS] [BRIDGE:] So I'm standin here Arms open wide Ready to give my heart I'm sure this time Love's gonna last for life Baby I know things change And there might be some rain But the clouds are gonna clear And the sun is gonna shine again Shine light on our love baby So let's make it last forever [CHORUS] Da da da da da Oh

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