My Own Troy Lyrics

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[Efthimis Karadimas/Nightfall 1997]
I want to dive in a cold lake
I want to kiss her lips
To reborn by her liquid womb
Deep within in hazy mist.
My life I'm dying to finnish
In this dream I can't resist
What I've adored, it left me by
Like child I cry...
Loving you at the edge of madness
Missing you in a spark of sadness
Drowning me in full blast sorrow
Love affair in horror.
Hate hangs me, I cannot weep
Love left me but still I dream
Breath on mirror stinks it black
Alike the sperm of mine my soul you sucked
More of what I've known
I want to know now
In muddy waters I've been drowned
New life... calls me now.
That lovely face I need to see again
That milky neck I want to break.

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