Melody Of The Free Lyrics

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You niggas couldn't fuck with me
Even on a bad trip of acid or '
Some 'before or'
' the energy of earth '.

This is my turn '
Come, come back '
With a '.your whole frame'.
Always peace and love but no'remember
Tripping ' was
With cash'
Like the last 'appreciated
Most high'
I've got an'
Inside five weeks but still '.
So tell mom please to just fulfill my needs
Got my mamma back at home the only women I need
Hoping that ' so she finally free
'. look back now
But that shit don't even matter
I'm trying to climb '.

'burning the best '
I raise myself up nigga and my parents just help me
Now I'm a major'.
Whose using two .. but I told you '
But use one
In this game of life 'respect'
You wondering why you losing
23 years old and I'm teaching a million students
And who ' to do it
I be murder at this music
Point I'm proving walking in a line you looking fucking stupid
She's the '
But they watching 'all kind of moments
Say you got a brain inside'
Let me see you prove it
Niggas thought '
' nigga ' soul
'pockets, nigga that's '
Seeing nigga got oldest'
' options
Take my time before I drop it
So a nigga '
I'm a 't i told you
But some of these niggas think I hate '
Talking about dreams but don't start
My angels playing '
hoping that we'll make it

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