Love Song For A Foreign Exchange Student Lyrics

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You were a long long way from home,
I tried my best to impress you but I think you only liked me 'cause you
felt alone,
Now I get the feeling that you're not the only one in the room when we
talk on the phone,
Does he help to keep you warm?

Baby I know,
Maybe I'm a door that you'll never close,
Do you suppose I'm alone?

It was a long walk down that hall,
Showing pictures to your man from the trip to Japan that you took last
He pretends to understand to understand,
With his heart in his hands,
And your head on his arm,
Has time erased his charm?

Maybe he knows,
Maybe its a card that he never shows,
Do you suppose he's alone?

You can change your mind,
Leave the addiction to the fiction that you wrote on the ground,
I hope someday you'll find,
You can't fix every little problem just by sleeping around.

It was a drunk and desperate call,
You were looking in a mirror trying to fix your hair and makeup from a
bathroom stall,
and your friends were in the backseat of a taxi headed for the concert
No one cared at all.

Maybe they know,
That you were crying in the rain on the side of the road,
Do you suppose you're alone?
Do you suppose nobody knows?
Do you suppose you're alone?

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