Love Comes To Town Lyrics

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love comes to town on a blue jeaned leg
in a pick up truck and a plastic crate
it's an act of god hits you in the face
stands you on your head puts you in your place
on the subway train in the crosstown bus
love comes to town for people just like us
don't just sit there sign the dotted line
say yes everytime be a valentine
be brave when love comes to town
loves comes to town
you don't have a prayer
hail mary full of grace with curlers in your hair
sneakin' up on you in the a & p
somewhere in frozen foods there's a tropical breeze
be brave....
love comes to town any town at all
in the factory line and the shoppin' mall
on the tenement stoop sitting two by two
drinkin' dandelion from a dixie cup
laughing into town so forfeit up your crown
you better bow down love cause love's in town
don't just sit brave...

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