Kamikaze Lyrics

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Like, okay yeah yo
Yo, yeah, yeah

[Mad Child]
I'm a little monster, yup, little mobster
30 days, 30 songs, 30 girls, 30 concerts
I'm never wearin Abercrombie
Rockin Red Dragon but I'm airin out my laundry
Thumbs up like the Fonzie, now it's Happy Days
Rappers I decapitate, hack 'em with the axe's blade
I don't got my taxes paid but murder every track I make
My friends keep bangin but I'm hangin like a macrame
You see me getting aggravated you should back away
Drink six Red Bulls and smoke a pack a day
Mad Child, ex-gangster, fucked for life
Back me in the corner, shank you with the rusty knife
I'm a crazy white boy, Charles Manson
Every time I rhyme, shine like the Green Lantern
I have to learn how to handle my... life
I had to go to anger management... twice
Goin goin, back back
to Cali Cali, where everything's nice
Got the six-four Impala with the dangling dice
And my Daytons shine bright off of the Los Angeles lights
Like Dilated, Mad +Work the Angles+ at night
Yeah, Mad work the angles at night

Now don't compare me to these other clowns
Cause the difference is realness, difference is realness
In life there's gonna be some ups and downs
Still got issues to deal with, issues to deal with
But if you love the night life put your hands up high
If you like to get right throw your hands up high
If you make your own moves and create your own rules
Well alright then, well alright then

[Mad Child]
Aiyyo I'm stompin on the concrete, rockin to a crunk beat
Puffing on some skunk weed, jeans Red Monkey
My gold chain chunky, I'm just bullshittin
That ain't me dog nah I'm just bullshittin
Mad Child's a vicious pitbull, you a small kitten
These rappers claim freestyles but they all written
I got the meanest vocals, call me Nino Loco
Living la vida loca, flippin weed and ki's of coca
I'm working out, lookin like a Ninja Turtle
Cooler than a popsicle but I got obstacles to hurdle
Plus these raps I gotta murder, armed and mellow like I'm Donatello
Let my body turn to Jello, now I'm back fully developed
Revive a dying dream, we are not a dying breed
Soul controller, Coca-Cola, Moka Only, "Lime Green"
Used to like drugs, going to night clubs, now my shit gone
But my eyeballs felt like light bulbs switched on


[Mad Child]
Sometimes I get so depressed, I can't get off of the couch
My loft looks like it's occupied by Oscar the Grouch
My car looks like I traded it for eighties and weed
But it's a fairly new Mercedes, I just made it a heap
People say fuck, here come that Canadian freak
Long fingernails smell like he ain't been bathin in weeks
(Aw shit~!) I'm coming out like I'm a bat out of hell
The way I rap, write, and fuck like I just got out of jail
Now I can do what he can do but he can't do what I do
I make you take a peek-a-boo and see the freak inside you
Cause I've developed, a quite fulfilling psychedelic drug
Plus I'm fire-repellent, I'm a psycho villain cuz
Shit is still fucked up today, but it might be fine tomorrow
Otherwise I'm going kamikaze, say your sayonara
I'll hit you like a torpedo, I'm killing all these rappers
that are more than okie-doke from Canada to Tokyo
And when I die they'll build a statue with the court below
Best lookin white rapper with a broken nose


Battle Axe Records
Battle Axe warriors
S.M. army, SubNoize Souljaz
Keep it movin, we got our own thing
We got our own clique bro
We're like a tank, let's go

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