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1. Call/Resp: Joyous Celebration/2*
All: We'r here to praise.../3*the Lord
2. Call/Resp: Oh Oh halleluyah, agego fana naye/2*
Call/Resp: Oh oh halleluyah, i serve a very bigie God ohh/2*
3. Call: My God U big oh
Resp: oh oh oh
Call: My God U fine oh
Call: My God U kind oh
Call: My God U too Much oh (repeat 3*)
4. Call: When i go to my front
Resp: U'r by my side
Call: When i go to back
Call: when i go to right
Call: When i go to left (repeat 4*)
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Vamp: Goodness and mercy shall follow me al of the days of my life
5. Call: Shancho lama yahweh na micho, shanco lama/2*
Resp: Shancho lama
Call: Enpe lama yahweh na micho
6. Call: Luwe luwe luwe
Resp: Luwe
Call: Jesus/3*
Resp: Jesus
7. Terebuka/2*/3*
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