I Could Not Come To You Lyrics

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Leaving Heavens Throne Room, Lying now in Straw
Like The Shepherds and the Angels, I stand in Holy Awe what Kind of Love is this Love, that You would come so far and Set Down in this World to win my hopeless heart.

And I I could not come to you
Theres nothing I could do to save my life
Till you reached out on that Holy Night
When Love - Love Made the First Move
Its so hard to believe that you would come to me
When I could not come to you
(This Changes Everything)

You Left Shouts of Worship and Glory Shining Bright
For the Silence and the Shadows of a Manger Meek And Mild You Came to Bridge the Distance, to Set the Captives Free Like the Prophets had Promised, You Came to Rescue Me

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