Hurricane Lyrics

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Yeiyeah! We're sickeningly pretty and unpleasantly vain Something to really drive you insane We're voluntarely obsessed with the play So c'mon now, sing with the tempest & rock like a hurricane I love to see you high 'cause of me I drop you down to put you back on the peak You're face to face with pride and you reap what you sow Don't you see what you deny, don't you see what you deny? So afraid to be alone There's a winner in me and I'm breaking the ground I am technology, I'll be sticking around There's a winner in me, the sun in a cloud There's a killer in me! Yeiyeah! Do the shadows bother you when you're all alone? Does your mind play games with you or is it me after all? No time for hesitation, are you ready to fall? No time for useless patience, so how about some rock'nroll?! So afraid to be alone Yeiyeah!

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