Hollywood Hot Lyrics

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Hollywood hot, Hollywood hot
And they like it a lot
Foxy fever got you hot to trot
Glam and glitter get you hot

Action, Hollywood and Vine
Making out anytime
Pick up, pick up chicken
Get your boat of chicken

What you want (twenty bucks)
Wanna go (sure nuff)
So tough, sweet stuff (uh huh)
Said love


For sale, what you wanna love
Would be, would be starlet
Making out in car lots
Get it on, gimme green
What you like (your scene)
You buy, you get, let's swing


Big shot cruising in a Jag
Chasing in drag

Bail bond, buy bails
Call Mr. Pickle of Beverly Hills
Red light, stop sign
Ain't nobody gonna pay your fine


Hollywood hot, Hollywood hot
Hollywood hot, Hollywood hot
Hollywood hot, Hollywood hot...


Hot, Hollywood. hot, Hollywood
Hot, Hollywood. hot, Hollywood


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