Heaven I Need A Hug Lyrics

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Dear momma you wouldn't believe what im going through, but still i got my head
up just like i promised you ever since you left your baby boys been dealing
with problem after problem tell me what am i supposed to do see i've been lost
some time, don't understand this place, look in the mirror some time and see a
troubled face and then my tear rolled down and hit the sink and i hold my head
up high hopin the man upstair can hear my cry. all this stress deep inside my
mind like if jesus loved me why'de he leave my side, i'm still tryin to get the
answer why you were young 45 and you had to die. I'm always tryin to help
people out and it's them same people tryin to take food out my mouth,foreal doe
seems like the more money i make foreal doe the more drama yall try to create,
and i try to move into the positive ooh yall don't wanna let me live. and when
you relize that i don't give you nuthin you need to get up off yo but and go
getcha own something,

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