Drawn Lyrics

Situations, complications, seem to alter my concentration
Revelation, short vacation, it's too much of an exclamation
I'm not afraid to tell her how I love her more than anything
I'm not nervous to tell her how I love her more than everything.
Put my heart out on the line, everytime.
This time I know it is alright.
I'm Drawn to her more every day,
even though she'll push me away
Impatient as she is I know she can wait
She won't try to change me no, she'll love me for me
and I can't feel differently
I won't try to live without her I won't even try
I said I won't tell a lie.
I think it's time for me to take responsibility
A love so deep could barely come with-in reality
I'd do anything to make her happy if it would
I'll do anything I can to keep her if I could.
Love so free of consequence, am I making sense?
This time I know it is alright

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