Dead Of The Night Lyrics

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Every night as I sit on my own, I still think I can hear you
I can't stand all this being alone, I just gotta be near you
I don't know if you're coming back, sometimes I could scream
But every night I know I'll see you, you still live in my dreams
In the dead of the night, when everybody's sleeping
Oh that is the time, when you come around
You left and my world fell apart, and I was desperate to find you
I want you back but where do I start, I need help to remind you
I don't know if you'll ever remember, when love reigned supreme
The only time that I get to see you now, is here in my dreams
Oh babe when you come back, and put and end to this pain
Meantime if I close my eyes, I'll see you again
chorus repeats out...

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