Antibacterial Lyrics

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Antiseptic cured my sepsis
Studies in pathology
Analysis psychology

Antibacterial for art thou
The one and only reliability
Simply stated, you are art

Sterilize prophylactic
Preventive germicidal
Germ free or germ destroying
Bactericidal disinfectant

Antibacterial for art thou
The sole constructive breath to breathe
The soley forgiving friend I've known

Decontaminate medication
Medicated sanitation
Hygienic prosperity eve to eve
Salutary healthful meditation weave

Antibacterial my antimicrobial
Cured the pathology
Preventive psychology inhibits
The growth of micro-bacteria

Antibacterial for art thou
The only honest vitality I know
Breathinfectant, anti-breeze,
Airseptic or airsepsis

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