American African Lyrics

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fo' sho' my youth, what you going to do
everybody say
fo' sho' my youth, what you going to do
everybody just watch
fo' sho' my youth, what you going to do
everybody just watch

with the tattoos and these bandanas
these knuckleheads thinking that they gangsta right?
just because you got dreadlocks and you sell incense
don't run around thinking that your rastafari
aint nobody trippin' if that's what you all about
you ain't trippin' till that gun up in your mouth
you better know the truth and you better know the roots
cause there's real mutha fuckas that will call your ass out
bring the chorus in

I've been from here to there and back again
to my european, japanese and african
to my puerto rican, northern region passages
I'm like what's happenin', what's happenin'
you couldn't imagine it, you don't know the half of it
people got it all fucked up on some fashion shit
I tell them recognize the real, quite passing it
I wonder if the whole worlds made up of some plastic shit
I just block them out, pay them no never mind
don't nobody want to hear that shit
boy step aside
moving, on your lefty, brand new material
yeah, you stole my style and scratched off the serial
put me in the stereo cause here we go again
I done found another reason to pick up my pen
monkey see, monkey do
only if the monkey knew
I ain't even mad at you, you ain't even got a clue


I was just a knuckle head boy with some loud asss corduroys'
on the porch playing with my toys
who knew one day, I would be a man with a mic in my hand,
worldwide, making noise turn my music up
loud, for the people in the crowd
if you know who you are, hold your head up proud
to my ghetto super stars who was delt them' shitty cars
when them times get hard, still strong enough to smile
what the fuck, I live this shit
everything I say is a rap
anybody know about me, tell um' that
los angeles is where I'm at
the murder rate will make you nervous, I be about my business
I didn't want to get a job with a boss telling me to push a mop
on the real shit, I'd rather sell bud
sleeping in half the day, getting it the fast way
it ain't hard to get paid, once you formulate a buzz
let me tell you about


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