Accent On Youth Lyrics

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What is this phase that I am going through
O these precious years
Please take my hand and let me breathe again
Young depressive tears
We stumble blindly chasing something new and something sinful
You take my time you live my life for me
What have I done to rate this penalty
You suck me dry
My body cries
We stumble blindly chasing instant thrills and lasting memories
Accent on youth
Attention O
Ascends on you
I scream with frustration and lost control
Open for the blows
My hands fall limp and hang down at my side
Take my soul and go
We stumble blindly chasing dancing lights and others' wishes
Just let me close my eyes and slip away
Dream a dream alone
You give me just enough rope for the task
Let this man alone
We stumble blindly chasing silhouettes and vacant faces
So well rehearsed our moves once so grateful turn against us
We stalk dark passages, we're looking for that sweet surrender

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